HOSOO was founded in 1688 in the old city district of Nishijin in Kyoto, Japan. The Nishijin district is renowned for its production of pre-dyed yarn textiles known as Nishijin textile. The company name, HOSOO, is based on the family name Hosoo, which was honorarily received from Honganji temple.

Around 1,200 years ago in the ancient capital of Kyoto, Nishijin textile was developed with the support of imperial nobles, the samurai class, and the upper class. There are over 20 steps required to make Nishijin textile with a master craftsman in charge at each step in the inherit pursuit of uncompromising beauty. As a renowned weaver in the Nishijin district, in 1923 HOSOO expanded into kimono curation under the guidance of 9th generation Tokujiro Hosoo. The aim was to introduce to the whole of Japan the brilliance and sincerity of dyeing and weaving craftsmen and their craftsmanship that have been passed down generation to generation.

Since then, HOSOO has been in business both as a weaver and kimono curator with two missions. One is to expand the possibilities and raise the awareness of Nishijin textile’s advanced technology and artistry worldwide. The other is to introduce traditional dyeing and weaving cultures from all over Japan and connect kimono culture to the future.