MISSION Towards the Future of Kimono Culture

Kimono in itself is Japanese culture. It is a reflection of the region’s production, their environments, and history populated by the spirit of the people living in such regions. It is an irreplaceable treasure.

To protect and nurture this kimono culture for the next 100 years, 200 years, is the mission of HOSOO.

For this purpose, we work to foster excellent craftsmen as their inherited skills are being lost.
Create and share a system in which people associated with kimono can coexist and prosper.
As a producer, we review the possibilities of kimono and create a kimono culture that goes beyond the existing frameworks.

Now and for the future, in cooperation with other domestic kimono producers, HOSOO will develop Nishijin textiles as a widely used world-class textile and to continue to expand kimono culture in Japan and worldwide.

Striking the essence of tradition, proudly raising the light of innovation, connecting the Japanese culture of kimono towards the future, HOSOO’s new steps start from here.


Application Requirements

We, HOSOO Co., Ltd., are consistently tackling new challenges in order to pass on the history and techniques of our predecessors to a new generation.
We are looking for individuals who resonant with our mission and want to make an impact.