The five-floor HOSOO FLAGSHIP STORE is our sole flagship store in Japan. It is the hub where we can create and share a future for traditional crafts that extends from Japan with the rest of the world.

1F Store

Our retail store is located on the first floor where we showcase HOSOO’s home collection. Each item represents the beauty of our textiles created by our exceptional craftsmanship. Choose from over 150 HOSOO textiles and have furniture and curtains individually made-to-order by our craftsmen.

1F Lounge

Continue to explore and you will find the HOSOO LOUNGE located on the east-side. Enjoy the selection of seasonal sweets, teas, and champagne that are elegantly complemented by the traditional crafted tableware.

3F Salon

On the third floor is the HOSOO SALON with its exclusive members-only kimono showroom. It houses a vast collection that include masterpieces by national living treasures and from members of the Japan Crafts Association. Precious works by dyeing & weaving artists and ateliers from across Japan and contemporary works by young artists can also be found in our collection.

5F Hall

An exclusive multi-purpose space for members-only is located on the fifth floor.

412 Kakimoto-cho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8173
+81 (0)75-221-8888